5 Ways To Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day

A little self-love can go a long way to boosting your self-esteem, building your confidence and just lifting your mood. So if you're looking for ways to do just that this valentine's day then check out our suggestions.

Do Your Favourite Thing.

Treat yourself to a little bit of what you fancy – whether that’s getting out on your bike and working up a sweat or kicking back at home with a Netflix series and your favorites chocolate. You deserve a little fun! 

Have A Home Spa

Spend a little time on yourself. So turn off your phone, pop on your favorite home face mask or hair treatment and relax. You could even treat your lips to a little care - exfoliate with Sugar Scrub and then add a little extra nourishment with the gorgeous Karen Murrell, all natural Moisture Stick

Try A New Look.

Experimenting with a new look can be a great way to lift your mood and help you get out of the makeup and hair rut we all fall into sometimes. So, try a new hair style, a new hair cut, try on a dress you would never normally wear - you might just love it. Experiment with your lipstick - normally a nude shade person? Amp it up with deep rich red of True Love. Or try the rosy pink shades of Camellia Morning

Get Your Glam On.

We all know that sitting at home in sweat pants isn't a great way to boost your self-esteem. So get your makeup bag out and glam it up a little. Even just a dash of lipstick can lift your mood - try our popular Racy Rata - a stunning scarlet shade, it's an instant confidence boost. 

Buy Yourself A Valentine's Gift.

Lipstick is the gift that keeps on giving - bringing you a little confidence boost everyday and it won't break the bank. Treat yourself to one of these beautiful Karen Murrell palettes - with five colours, a neat little brush and a handy mirror for application, they come in a beautiful slimline box and are the perfect handbag companion.