The Full Guide To Nude Lipstick

A good nude lipstick shade is so versatile - it can take you just about anywhere with any look. No wonder it's a must have for any makeup bag. 

Choosing Nude

As with most lipstick shades - the right one for you is the one that makes you look and feel great. But one way to consider colours is by looking at your own skin undertones first - if you have a cooler, paler complexion then generally a nude with slight pinkish notes might compliment you best, like our beautiful Orchid Bloom. If you have warmer skin undertones then many people suggest a nude that incorporates richer browner tones, check out the beautiful rose gold hints of Sand Storm

One simple way to find your skin undertone can be to look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they look sort of blue or purple then you tend towards cooler undertones, if they are more green then you have warmer undertones. You can use this quick check to inform, but not limit, your choices. 

What Makeup With Nude Shades

If you're having a makeup free day and just heading to the shop or doing the school run  - then a nude lipstick can be the perfect way tt give your look a little lift.  It works so well as a standalone makeup item - adding enough definition and texture to your lips that you don't need anything else. 

But nude shades are all about versatility and can work well with a subtle daytime makeup look  - foundation, mascara, nude lipstick. An elegant, understated look that can lift your confidence. And if you're heading for a night out with full on smoky eyes and flawless complexion - then nude lipstick can be the perfect counterbalance. Try an all round, elegant favourite like Violet Mousse

After all makeup is about playing around with looks and having fun - if you love it, wear it.