Choosing The Right Lip Colour

One of the fabulous things about lipstick is that you can change it up so easily. And a different colour can really transform your look and even your mood. But faced with all those colours and all that choice - you might need a little help to make a decision. So what should you consider when picking a lipstick colour? 

Colour For The Occasion

At the most basic level many would choose a different lipstick for a night out than for the school run. It's not that different to clothes - different outfits for different occasions. And lipstick colour is part of that. 

Big, bold colours like the luscious red of True Love can really add the final note of glamour to your look. They perfectly compliment a full make up look and set off that great outfit. But if you're heading to your kid's school sports day or just grabbing a coffee with a friend you may want to go more natural and opt for a nude shade like our ever popular Cordovan Natural - rich and subtle with warm tones of toasted cinnamon, it's the perfect lipstick to take you anywhere. 


Clothes And Lipstick

If you've chosen your outfit then you can use that to take a lead on your lipstick colour. A glamorous outfit might be well complimented by rich, dark reds like Bordeaux Rouge or fun, fearless pinks like Fuschia Shock

But equally - don't think that just because you're dressing casual you have to downplay the lipstick. A classic red like Racy Rata can really pop with a plain white shirt and jeans.

As a general rule some colours compliment better than others - and if you want to get really technical you could check out a colour wheel. Contrasting colours like a green dress and a red lipstick, or a navy blue t-shirt and orange lips - can really make each other pop. And it can be fun to play around with lip colours and clothing in this way. 

One great way to experiment with different shades is to grab a Karen Murrell colour palette - five different shades in one gorgeous little box, with a brush for application. It's perfect for popping in your makeup kit or handbag. And like all Karen Murrell lipsticks they're clean, natural and designed to last all day long. 

Your Mood And Lipstick 

Of course, lipstick is personal, so sometimes it can simply come down to your mood or the mood you want to project. Want to project confidence? Try a vivid red. Want something fun? Then perhaps a light pink tone like the ever popular Camellia Morning with its burst of rose. Just want something that adds that subtle, natural look to your lips? Then pop on a nude shade. 

Ultimately, the best lipstick is one that makes you walk out of the front door feeling great. And there will definitely be more than one colour that does that for you - so play around and start creating your lipstick wardrobe.