The Full Guide to Pink Lipstick

Pink lipstick is a pretty broad term - because there are just so many types of pink. From full on fuschias to pale baby pink and everything in between. It's hardly surprising that this beautiful, versatile colour is so popular when it comes to lipsticks.  

Perfect Pink Shades

If you're struggling to find the right shade of pink for you then take a look at your skin tones. If you're veins appear blueish purple in colour then you have cooler toned skin and may suit pinks with a more blueish/purple undertone. Check out our Fuschia Shock as an example. 

If your veins appear more greenish in colour then you have a warm skin tone and may prefer pinks that have a yellowish/peachy coloured undertone. So, something like our ever popular Camellia Morning

One question people often ask is whether redheads can wear pink lipstick. And the answer is yes, absolutely! Try out the bright but subtle tones of something like our Peony Petal as a starter. 

But all these 'rules' are made to be broken. We believe that lipstick should be fun and make you feel great - so if you love a colour and you want to wear it - go right ahead. We think that a shade like Sugar Rush can pop on just about any complexion. 

What Pink To Wear With What

 We have so many fabulous pink lipsticks to choose from. And that means  you're bound to find one that will suit your mood and your outfit - just check out our full range.

The right pink can look fabulous with many colours. Think hot pink with a black shirt; coral pink with a white dress and just about any pink if you're wearing a gorgeous green. 

There is more to consider if you're wearing a pink dress - typically you should aim for a lip colour that is perhaps a few shades lighter but is in the same basic palette. 

Some people also like to balance their lipstick with the rest of their makeup. So if you've got a full on dramatic eye makeup going on, let that be your main makeup statement and pair it with a quieter lipstick - our Lavender Laughter is perfect for this. 


 Tips and Tricks For Applying Pink Lipstick

Once you've chosen the pink for you make sure you look your absolute best by applying it right. Start off by exfoliating any dry skin from lips, use the Karen Murrell Sugar Scrub and then smooth on a little moisturising lip balm.

If you want to outline the lips with a pencil then we suggest using a lip pencil in the same shade range as your lipstick. Our lip pencils come with a brush on one end that you can use to beautifully blend outline and lipstick

Next apply your lipstick to the top and bottom lips. You can then blot with a thin piece of tissue if you wish and apply a second coat. 

And remember - Karen Murrell lipsticks are clean, nourishing and long-lasting. So you don't need to worry about any nasty chemicals or constant reapplying of your lipstick. 

Check out our full range of pinks.